Olympia Ragdolls

Please fill out our Kitten Adoption Form.

If there is a kitten you are interested in, you can reserve him/her as soon as possible by emailing us.

We ensure that all kittens have the time to be nurtured by their moms, as this helps develop their sense of security for their surroundings. In general, most kittens are ready to go to their new homes at around 12-weeks old, but sometimes longer when necessary.

All kitttens will come with 2 sets of vaccines, altered, Vet checked and microchipped for ID, all included, and guaranteed free of the HCM gene (heart defect). 

We take great pride in finding our ragdoll kittens’ perfect homes in which they will be loved, well cared for, and fed properly. Thus, all of our kittens will be sold under the following conditions:

  • All Kittens are spayed or neutered before leaving our cattery, except breeders
  • All cats from Olympia Ragdolls can not be de-clawed
  • All cats from Olympia Ragdolls must be fed a veterinarian-approved diet
  • All cats from Olympia Ragdolls must be kept indoors unless an appropriately enclosed cat run is used

Olympia Ragdolls reserves the right to refuse the sale of a kitten without clarification.

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Declawing Facts

Nail Trimming Guide

Ragdoll Kittens nails should be trimmed every few week’s.