Olympia Ragdolls

Meet Becky

With more than 16 years of experience raising ragdolls with love, she first came across ragdolls when her daughter adopted a grey fluffy kitten that was said to be half Russian blue and “half something great”.

Simon grew up to be the biggest snuggling sweetheart, and it didn’t take long for her to learn that “something great” turned out to be a ragdoll!

Thus, she started her journey of introducing these wonderful bundles of love for more people to enjoy!

Our Values

Our mission is to bring joy to both the adopters and our ragdolls.  We prioritize health and temperament over appearance when we select our breeder cats.

We keep up with the diversity of the gene pool in our breeders by partnering with other reputable catteries. By doing so, we ensure our cats will grow up healthy and have minimal chance of genetic defects.

The Cattery

All Olympia Ragdolls live alongside with Becky in her home in Olympia, Washington.

They are free to roam around the house. There are outdoor enclosure available for them to enjoy the outside world without being exposed to potential danger posed by wild life.

All the kittens stay with the moms until they are ready to be sent to their Purrever homes so they grow up with a great sense of security and properly socialized.